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Graphic Heart

Art with HEART!

Qui a dit que les cœurs ne pouvaient pas être modernes et tendances ? Ajoutez une touche graphique à votre événement avec ces cœurs en papier. Effet waow garanti !


  • Le matériel et la méthoded’apprentissage pour la création de votre cœur graphique
  • Les gabarits afin que vous puissiez refaire les cœurs chez vous à votre guise
  • Des collations pour chaque participante



PRICE : 45$/person (+taxes)

MINIMUM : 8 people  

MAXIMUM : 10 people

Paper flower

Pimp your walls

Exprimez votre créativité tant dans le choix des couleurs que la disposition de vos fleurs, des possibilités infinies pour relooker un espace ou fêter un heureux événement.


  • L’apprentissage de deux modèles de fleurs différentes, disponibles en deux à trois grandeurs
  • Le matériel pour la réalisation de vos fleurs murales
  • Les gabarits qui vous seront fournis afin que vous puissiez refaire les fleurs chez vous à votre guise
  • Des collations pour chaque participante

Concrete Decoration

You will be surprised!

Unglamourous, you could be surprised by the creativity of concrete! Come learn how to make your own concrete decorative objects.

Now with wine and cheese degustation.

  • Learning about the composition and use of concrete
  • The creation and decoration of your 4 concrete glass coaster
  • The decoration of your 2 concrete candle holders
  • The guide sheet for your two objects


PRICE : 40$/person (+taxes)

MINIMUM : 8 people

 MAXIMUM : 10 people

Heart Fabric

A sweet present (for me or my guests!)

Come create your custom cotton hearts.
Choose the size of your choice and let yourself be inspired by the diversity of our fabrics, ribbons, pompoms and embroidery threads.

To keep for yourself or to offer as a gift or wedding guests.


  • Your customized heart created during the workshop
  • Several templates of hearts for different sizes in order to make them at home
  • A small summary to recreate the hearts at home
  • Snacks for each participant are included

Level: Beginner, no seam skills required!


PRICE : 50$/person (+taxes)

MINIMUM : 8 people  

MAXIMUM : 10 people

Origami Bird

Creative take-off

Revisit the folding of paper birds with the creation of small decorative tubes, perfect as a table decoration or as a gift to a guest!
Take advantage of the meeting to collect other creative ideas based on origami cranes!


  • The material needed for two decorative tubes per person
  • Access to a paper bar to choose patterns and colors
  • Learning of the folding method and the making of this decoration
  • Templates and explanatory booklet to create at home!
  • Snacks for each participant


PRICE : 50$/person (+taxes)

MINIMUM : 8 people  

MAXIMUM : 10 people

Flower watercolours

Winter flowers and foliage

Sit back, relax and learn to paint the flowers and leaves that are typical of the beautiful seasons of autumn and winter!


  • Learning basic watercolor techniques to paint flowers and foliage
  • Experimentation of different painting exercises and final composition of your watercolor
  • Basic knowledge of painting and watercolor are recommended
  • The material (painting, brushes and papers are provided by Jody from Some Day Art Co)
  • Snack for each participant are included





PRICE : 60$/person (+taxes)

MINIMUM : 8 people  

MAXIMUM : 10 people


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