The bridesmaids day, a saturday to spend with your brides squad!

The bridesmaids day, a saturday to spend with your brides squad!

Totally customizable bridesmaids dresses

First of all, By CATALFO’s is Ontario’s newest ‘go-to’ label for bridal fashion. What makes them so special is that their bridesmaids dresses are customizable for every clients.
Therefore, the possibilities are endless, both in the choice of colors and models. It’s truly deal if you want to have your wedding cortege themed with the colors of your wedding, and to choose dresses adapted to the morphology of each of your bridesmaids.

A meeting with the designer

We are inviting you and your ”brides squad” on Saturday February 3rd, from 10am to 4pm, to come and try-on the bridesmaids dresses. In addition, their designer Sarah Catalfo from by CATALFO will be there to give you insights and answer your questions.
On this day only, no appointment is requiered. Please take note that only the bridesmaids dresses and kimonos will be available for try-on (no bridal dresses). 

To make this day even more memorable, we’re offering you 20% OFF on ALL by Catalfo’s creations.

Many activities offered

– Sweets offered by Little Leah’s Kitchen
  • Leah is a mom of three and a creative Montreal entrepreneur. For her, baking is a form of therapy. Her creations, all pretty and delicious, are 100% homemade. Alluring, no?
– Makeup retouches offered by Gabbie McGuire and Marianne Caron
  • Gabbie McGuire graduated at the Academie Edith Serei in “psychofigurism and make-up art”, as well as in hairdressing at the Pure Color Academy.
  • Marianne Caron graduated from the Artistic Makeup course at Lasalle College.
– Tea offered by ZYO Tea
  • ZYO Tea is the first Quebec company to offer exclusively tea and herbal teas certified organic!
– DIY workshop animated by Corentine Studio
  • Come create heart-shaped tea bags to impress your guests! Corentine studio offers a wide range of do it yourself ideas and tutorials. They organize fun creative workshops for individuals or businesses.
– Surprise gift basket worth 170,00$!
  • We will draw a gift basket with the participants who will present themselves during the day of the event. Are you feeling lucky?
Even more wonderful? It’s FREE!

Practical informations

The prices for the bridesmaids dresses starts from 299$ to 329$.

The prices for the kimonos starts from 70$ to 100$.

Location: DREAM IT YOURSELF studio (438, Saint-Pierre Street – Suite 204 – Montreal)

Time: From 10am to 4pm

No appointment needed.

Photo credits:
1 :  illustration photo of the article, the seven pretty bridesmaids : Jenny Thompson Photography (click here for more information) 
8, 9 et 17: Olivephototo (click here for more information) 
10 à 13 : Dea and Isa Photography (click here for more information) 
14: Lisarenaultphotographie (top) (click here for more information)  Brittanyleephotos (bottom) (click here for more information)  

Thank you to everyone who participated to the success of the Bridesmaids Day!

We sincerely hope that you had as much fun as we did meeting you. Here’s some of the pictures that were taken during the event!