My tips to reduce my budget | The chronicles of Justine’s wedding

My tips to reduce my budget | The chronicles of Justine’s wedding

The story of my second wedding.

I’m Justine, the happy owner of the bohemian wedding dress showroom, Dream It Yourself.

Two years ago, my boyfriend had a really interesting business opportunity in Quebec. We left France and we settled in this beautiful city: Montreal, where I decided to create DIY.

Before leaving our country, we celebrate our love with a civil wedding (casual and intimate). Then, a few months ago, my husband proposed in a more formal way (on his knees and everything!).

We are organizing our second wedding in Montreal for the summer 2020!

It’s as a future bride and a wedding professional that I share my tips with you!

Good reading!

My tips to reduce my budget

The budget is probably the least glamorous thing in organizing a wedding!

On the other hand, it’s inevitable, so you have to think of it quickly to find out where to start.

As you can imagine, I’m surrounded by many wedding professionals, all equally inspiring. This gives me an idea of the prices.

I don’t hide that talking about budget makes me a little “scared”.

With Manéa, we want a friendly and simple wedding but we know that expenses can go quickly.

That’s why I wanted to share with you our little tips to better estimate our budget and respect it!


Photo: Jessica Genon

1/ Define our three absolute priorities

We decided to choose three absolute priorities, those that matter most to us and that we really want to invest in it. These are the things we don’t see a wedding without! Here are our choices:

  •  The atmosphere: : We like to party and our friends too. So we will definitely choose our DJ and we will invest in activities that will take place all day long to entertain our guests.


  • The place : We had two extremely important criteria for choosing the place. The first is that we wish a place surrounded by greenery but located in Montreal. Indeed, our surroundings are scattered throughout the world. Our guests will spend the week en Montreal for our wedding and didn’t want to ask theme to take accommodation near our wedding venue. The second criteria is that we wanted a warm and friendly place that was already “beautiful” base. Our rental furniture and flowers will allow a WOW effect without having to transform the room from A to Z.


  • Alcohol : It’s delicate to say but we are big wine and beer lovers! It’s important to offer quality alcohol and enough for our guests. On the other hand, we know that for the food, we will be more indulgent and flexible.


Photo: Jessica Genon Invitations: Badasse Rental/stylist: Le coeur Bohème Flowers: Ten.dem florale

2/ Budgeting priorities

After defining our three famous priorities, it’s time to budget them. You’ll see, your wedding will begin to materialize at that time and ideas will fuse!

Start by asking for submissions for your three priorities, so you will not have to sacrifice them later to the detriment of things that are less important for you.


Photo: Jessica Genon Invitations: Badasse Flowers: Ten.dem florale

3/ Define thing to eliminate

We all know that a wedding has a cost and we don’t all have Prince Henry’s budget! To reduce costs in the right place, we started to eliminate things that we don’t necessarily want.

For us, we know that we don’t want a gourmet meal and that we won’t rent a luxury car for our arrival (we will surely call UBER, which corresponds to us much more!)

One trick I’d like to share with you, dear bride-to-be, is to focus on quality over quantity!

For example, we know that we will go through a professional wedding photographer (no thanks to the uncle who is not too bad in photography and who claims to be semi-pro!) or by a professional florist (hello! me, create a bouquet? the result would not be great!).

To access these quality services and because our budget is limited, we will make concessions on the number of hours covered by the photographer and I would probably be the only one with a bouquet (and not my bridesmaids).

By experience, and even if you are resourceful the result never equals the experts on the field 😉

Photo: Jessica Genon Flowers: Ten.dem florale

4/ Choose to get married on weekdays

Getting married on weekdays rather than weekends will save us a lot on the price of the place (sometimes even up to half the price!).

Our families and friends from all over the world, they will make the trio whatever happens! Also, many of our guests are self-employed and can arrange their schedule!

In addition, it’s different don’t you think?

Photo: Jessica Genon Models: Carol-ann Morin et Antoine Regaudie

5/ Organize your day in two times

And why not divide our day in two times? :

  1. the meal and the ceremony with our dearest people
  2. the party with our wider entourage ans our friends more distant
Photo: Jessica Genon Invitations: Badasse Rental/ stylist: Le coeur bohème

6/ Invite your guests to participate

Personally, we aren’t comfortable asking for a financial contribution from our guests.

On the other hand, we ask ourselves the question of proposing them to bring each one a local drink from their home!

A good way to diversify the choices, to involve our guests and reduce the alcohol budget!

Photo: Jessica Genon

I hope you enjoyed these little tips!

I’ll share the rest of our wedding challenges very soon!

This article is illustrated by a creative photo made by a 100% local perfect team!


Photographer: Jessica Grenon

Rental/stylist: Le coeur bohème

Dress: Dream it yourself

Shirt: Atelier Baratin

Location: Entrepôt Dominion

Flowers: Ten.dem florale

Ring: L’atelier Épure

Cake: Cynz cake

Sweet table: Sweet savour

Assistant photographer: h3k photo

Video: Beau vidéo (Nicholas Beauchemin)

Models: Carol-ann Morin et Antoine Regaudie

Invitation: Badasse

Make up and hair: Moabi par Jessica Gozi