Our Team

Our Team

The team Dream It Yourself

Dream It Yourself is a family business that prioritizes the human approach.

The success of our company is based on the talent of our creators, the support of wedding professionals and the investment of each member of our DREAM TEAM.



Founder of Dream It Yourself, Justine’s greatest qualities are her humanism and her empathy. Formerly employed in the health sector and international solidarity, it is important for her to accompany her brides sincerely and with great kindness in the choice of their dress.

Coming from a large family, human values are the leitmotif of the founder of DIY. Through her company, she wants to prove that kindness and altruism can be the greatest strengths of a company!





Absolutely stunning and full of mischief, Marylène is an inspiring and colourful woman. More than a Graduate in design, she is also an expert of communication and social networks. She brings her expertise in the selection of dresses and shares her tips and tricks for the organization of a wedding to your own image.

Always full of good ideas and common sense, Marylène shares her world and her good advice on the DREAM IT YOURSELF blog.






Sweet, delicate and distinguished, Anna brings zenitude and elegance to DREAM IT YOURSELF. Present since the beginning of DIY, she knows how to introduce our dresses like no one, as well as our universe and our inspirations.

As the Swiss army knife of the company, she is the one that accompanies Justine and the brides during the week-end fitting and who represents our company durings the fairs and events.

It is also Anna who runs the Instagram of Dream It Yourself. Her good taste and creativity allows her to find and put forward the most beautiful wedding inspirations of the moment.




Lulu is the sparkling touch of DIY and also the sales rep of our beautiful shop!
Lulu is an unconditional lover of bridal gowns, an always positive and cheerful person and she has a record breaking record.

She chooses the new collections (yes, the Bridal week in New York is her specialty) and accompanies our brides throughout the process, from the first appointment to the delivery of the dress with our seamstresses .

Also a wedding planner, Lulu knows the world of marriage on her fingertips and always knows how to advise our brides very well.

His joie de vivre is communicative, we could not live without it! You will understand when you will have the chance to meet her!







Photos: Marion Brunel



Laeticia is our solar beauty (as you can see in the picture … THIS SILK !). It’s crazy how Laeticia has a positive and communicative energy.

Theater student, born dancer, future singer, former French teacher, we are lucky to be with such a beautiful person every weekend! Sincerely, but always with great enthusiasm, Laeitica floods us with her joy of life and dynamism.

Just the perfect person for those happy Saturdays when the “Yes to the dress” is on at DIY.



Ok, for those who know Maurine, I think we all agree that she is one of the nicest people in Montreal!

Always ready for anything, a big smile on her lips, that’s HAPPINESS on the line! Maurine is the person that everyone wants to have as a friend, to go to the cottage or on an adventure to the other side of the world, to enjoy a hot chocolate and confide in this attentive ear for hours, to drink a good beer before a wild evening!

Maurine works in tourism in addition to her job at DIY. And that’s not surprising, because she makes us DREAM with her of a more beautiful and gentler world.


OUR INTERNATIONAL begonia! I have never met anyone as sociable as Bego before! But when I say SOCIAL it is just the most EMPATHICAL person on earth.

She LOVES to be busy, interested, caring, listening to others and I can tell you that it changes your daily life. Always positive, Bego always sees the glass half full, she gets involved in all the craziest projects and she shares her emotion and sensibility with you.

An extremely endearing person who reveals herself a little more each day at DIY.
Our little nugget of the com, our Madame Bonheur in our house!






Photos: Juno Photo