Wedding cake tips & addresses

Wedding cake tips & addresses

How to choose the perfect weeding cake ? Our best tips and adresses in Quebec ! The preparations for your wedding day are progressing and you are starting to think about choosing your wedding cake. Do you prefer a classic cake, a dessert table or a new alternative? Your dessert is one of your intense time of your reception, it’s the gourmet touch that will satisfy your guests before the party. At Dream it Yourself we know that the search for the ideal provider is sometimes complicated, that’s why today we reveal our advice and especially our good addresses to choose your wedding cake in Quebec.

What kind of wedding cake? Want to vary the pleasures with a sweet table? Or would you like to try something different ?

First of all you have to think about the form your reception will take, more sit-down meal or buffet? This will help you choose your wedding dessert. Today’s brides and grooms have an infinite choice of desserts for the big day, to reflect their tastes and desires. Also ask yourself if you would like something more traditional with a piece of cake for example or if you prefer to offer different forms of desserts with a sweet table. Finally, if you are not very sweet and dream of a piece of cheese? Everything is possible! It’s YOUR wedding.

-Choose a cake that reflect you-

More and more pastry are able to make unique pieces in perfect harmony with your wedding. Don’t hesitate to discuss your tastes, desires and wishes with them, even the craziest ones! Everything can be used as inspiration for your wedding cake : a memory, a mutual passion… And of course you can get ideas from Instagram or Pinterest! Finally, don’t forget that it’s your day, and choose a cake that suits you.

-Matching your cake with your wedding theme-

Your dessert, like the rest of your reception, will reflect the image of your wedding and will follow the theme you have chosen. If you have a more classical wedding, a wedding cake or a croquembouche tower will be consistent choices. If you opt for a less conventional wedding, everything is possible! Naked cake, dessert table, wall of donuts, macaroons, cupcakes…and even a salty cake!  Treat yourself, your wedding is a special day.

-Prepare the meeting with the provider-

To help you in the choice of your provider we give you the elements it will need to create your wedding dessert:

  • the number of guests
  • the theme of your wedding
  • the type of cake or shape (naked cake, cupcakes, macaroons…)
  • the flavors you prefer
  • elements that you would like to add

Finally, do not hesitate to inform him/her of any allergies or specific diets of your guests (vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.). If necessary, don’t forget to indicate the ingredients of your wedding dessert on your menu.

As always, DIY hope to offer you the perfect providers, those who will allow you to have the wedding dessert of your dreams. So here is a list of our favorite cake designers in Quebec :


Bayard Gâteaux is an online pastry  that offers a variety of modern, bohemian but always trendy cakes, who creates a variety of modern, bohemian but always trendy cakes, like the Croquembouche towers or his famous rum baba that will amaze your guests!  The owner, Frenie, is a passionate person. She aspires to make cakes that are not only beautiful, but also with incredible taste. Little anecdote: at her wedding, our owner Justine was lucky to have her sweet table made by Bayard Gâteaux. Result: tested and approved with flying colours!

©Jessica Grenon / ©Jay Zackeli / ©Jay Zackeli


Hanadi is the owner of Little Leah’s Kitchen, a pastry with a wonderful and lovely universe. The perfect address if you want to create a light and sweet style for your wedding. You’ll totally fall in love with her original creations. Hanadi is very close to her bride and groom and works closely with them to design a dessert that reflects THEIR style. A significant advantage , she can adapt to your guests’ food allergies or offer 100% vegan buffets!

©Les mariages de Julia / ©Mirona Photographie / ©Les mariages de Julia


Cake ta vie is the result of the collaboration of two sisters, Virginie and Laura, who have always wanted to create something in common. Today they express their creativity in baking by affirming a fine and delicate style. Cake ta vie offers an attractive menu of cakes and sweets, but also invites you to personalize the recipes and styles accord with your tastes or the theme of your union.

©Cake ta vie / ©Ariann BT / ©Ariann BT


In love with the sweet creations of Félicia,, a custom cake specialist. She expresses your ideas like nobody else through her sweet and unique creations. Her astonishing sugar creations will gives real pleasure to couples in search of originality (her sugar flowers are so delicate, one would think they are real flowers. An impressive know-how) . Always in search of the exceptional, Félicia offers a high-end and sophisticated service.



The colorful and inventive address in Quebec, Lafleur sucrée offers signature cakes, pastries and sweet tables for all your events. A guaranteed gourmet experience with subtle and extremely refined tastes. To top it all off, the owner of Lafleurs sucrée is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E and incredibly kind 🙂

©Anne-Sophie Baudoin / ©Robin Sassi / ©Robin Sassi


Cynthia use nature on her recipes.  She creates it, exalt and expresses herself through it. Her wedding cakes are handmade and every detail is created to form a living composition.

©Cynthia Irani Design 



Do you want a reception simple, fun and gourmet at the same time? Mr Wilson is the perfect provider! What could be better than a real ice cream seller at your wedding? Mr Wilson offers different sizes of kiosks to suit your number of guests and the size of your place. Reawaken your childhood memories and treat yourself with a iced dessert that will be sensational !


©Mr Wilson 




Impress your guests at dessert time with La bécane à cornets refined frozen pops that will arrive on Michaël’s bike. An excellent way to offer a gourmet and quality break with 100% Quebec products. A easy service, La bécane à cornets takes care of everything! An original alternative, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

©La Bécane à Cornets 


Macaroons are the whole universe of Annie. Passionate about the idea of sharing a dessert with the people you love, she creates colourful and succulent little bites that will give a real pleasure to all your guests. She mixes colours, textures and tastes for a result that is always fantastic!

©Annie Macacron & mini luxe



Handmade with love in Montreal, each sweet are made only with quality ingredients. Lara and Vanessa are want to bringing a smile and happiness to every bite. To create a sweet table at your wedding, as a gift for your guests and even as a sweet treat at your bachelorette party, LVS sweets cookies will delight you with its sweets.

©LVS sweets cookies


Their inimitable doughnuts are hand-rolled, fried and glazed every morning. Probably the tastiest and most delicate doughnuts in the city of Montreal. Perfect to bring a touch of originality to your dessert table.

©Minh Cole / ©Pavlenko Anastasiya / ©Paraskevivi



We hope that this article has been helpful to choose your wedding dessert and wish you much joy in your preparations. If you would like to immortalize your wedding day but are still hesitating to hire a videographer, we suggest you read one of our articles about our favorite Montreal videographers.