Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses

In addition to wedding dresses, we offer a selection of bridesmaid dresses in a wide variety of colors and for all sizes too.

Photo: JunoPhoto

Infinity Dress: the unique dress for all occasions

The Infinity Dress is versatile in many ways, thanks to an innovative design from two wide straps and its skirt. It can be draped as a bustier, indented, with thin, wide, rolled or braided straps in the back, crossed in front… In addition, the dress comes in as many as 60 colors, in order to have the color which will suit you perfectly!

Photos from Junophoto


This dress will suit perfectly for your role as bridesmaid, but also as a simple guest at the wedding. It can even be worned again and again, for a summer party or days spent at the beach!

Our bridemaid dresses are at the sweet price of :

  • Classic  : 200$ + taxes
  • With  tulle : 220$ + taxes
  • With removable tulle skirt : 270$ + taxes
  • Shiny : 270$ + taxes
  • Velvet  : 320$ + taxes

Ways to drape

Discover our tutorials on how to drape your infinity dress (click on the pictures !)


And also find all our available colours