Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses

Bohemian and modern dresses

Discover our selection of Boho wedding dresses in Montreal. Each of our gown are unique on their own and are designed with specific universe in mind. That being said, they all have one common feature: Their designers have mastered the art of creating haute couture dresses using noble materials which are so important for our brides to be.




Marie Laporte

The creations of Marie Laporte have been infusing a contemporary image to the wedding dress scene for more than 15 years. Dresses with transparent lace sleeves, very feminine and cheerful low cuts, finesse of materials, authenticity of style resolutely
modern and feminine.

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Dress: Marie Laporte

Lilian West

Lillian West is all about boho, chic and romantic dresses!
Embroidered and gauzy fabrics to highlight the femininity and sensuality that lie dormant in each bride, Lillian West’s creations combine quality and creativity to provide an irresistible result.

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Dress: Lilian West

Willowby by Watters

This is part of our new releases for this season! Willowby by Watters was inspired by the fusion of cultures and traditions from all over the world, with bold designs, colourful embroideries, complex pearls and delicate lace in mind.

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Dress: Willowby by Watters

Marion Kenezi

One of our new designer this season ! Marion Kenezi unveils her collection of modular wedding dresses. Practical, sophisticated, modern: it goes along with all styles and lengths without ever losing its elegance.

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Dress: Marion Kenezi

Pronovias (available in October)

A new collection at Dream It Yourself! The Pronovias team work with ambition and motivation to create the most wonderful wedding dresses and wish to give all the elegant women out there unforgettable moments in their dream dress.

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Dress: Pure Magnolia, Photographer: Caroline Ross

Elisa Ness

Elisa Ness is the story of a mother and her daughter who decided to shake the wedding dress codes. The universe of Elisa Ness is feminine and refined. This duo of designers are claiming a very assertive style and won’t hesitate to play with the contrast of materials.

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Dress : Elisa Ness, Photographer : Fabien COURMONT

Mademoiselle De Guise

Mademoiselle de Guise offers you a sweet mix of styles and urban in influences, romantic and always simply chic. is dedicated to designing wedding  dresses that will make every woman dream. The designer draws first and foremost her inspiration from her daily life in Paris as well as iconic personalities from the world of dance.

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Dress: Mademoiselle De Guise, Photographer: Vincent Nageotte

Mathilde Marie

Mathilde Marie associates and shifts her designs to make them sparkle for a free and spontaneous bride. You can expect a little retro feel, sublime lace as well as outstanding style.

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Dress: Mathilde Marie, Photographe: Gaston Lafond

Elodie Michaud

Inspired by all those precious moments that make you want to be beautiful. Elodie Michaud offers a feminine and romantic style inspired above all by women. This designer uses materials of quality that have been selected with passion.

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Dress: Elodie Michaud, Photographer: Alice Lemarin

Pure Magnolia

Pure Magnolia is an eco-friendly designer that uses sustainable fabrics to create couture gowns. When looking for the perfect wedding gown, Pure Magnolia could be the best choice for the eco-conscious bride.

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Dress: Pure Magnolia



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