Your friend’s bachelor party is coming and you are looking for original and surprising activities around Montreal?

The first thing that you must take into account is the personality of the future bride! Avoid cliché activities which do not look like her. Although the sale of contraceptives in the streets of Old Montreal seems to be still relevant today, we would like to offer you all good ideas to stand out from the crowd and have a great and memorable bachelorette party.


1/ What’s better way to do this than a surprise and improvised trip?

There are multitude of escapades near Montreal to live an evening or an unforgettable weekend with friends. Here are some examples:

Soniq Island, a park with its 2 islands with a magical atmosphere host several attractions.

Or, there is nothing more relaxing than the beautiful urban beach in the city center: “la plage de l’horloge”.

Are you kind to love nature with a need to isolate yourself a bit? “glamping” is definitely for you.

If you get the opportunity, you can also leave the country for a weekend. Exotic destinations are always very popular with brides! For example, A yoga retreat in Mexico, this unique experience will ensure you a moment of total relaxation.

You can also spice things up a little bit:

  • Write each on a piece of paper a destination
  • Let the bride choose randomly without showing her what she has drawn
  • Keep the surprise and let the bride discover the place once there.

This is an opportunity to make a mini road trip with friends and obviously experience a fun and unforgettable surprise and improvised trip.

Photos : Hellotwiggs

2/ Ready to finish a bucket list in one evening?

Here is an activity that can take place in two different ways:

the first would be to write a list of “tourist” activities, discovery to explore whole Montreal in one evening.

Or, you can make it a game: create a special EVJF Bucket list with a multitude of embarrassing activities and especially very funny. But beware, the goal of the bride is to finish the bucket list before midnight!

Whether you choose to do one or the other, it’s a beautiful evening full of guaranteed fun.

Photos : Marion Brunel

3/ Dare crazier for an adrenaline rush

Have not you always wanted to do a crazy activity but are you trapped by fear? A day with girlfriends is the perfect opportunity because you will not be alone. If your friend is of a reckless temperament, enjoy her bachelorette party to make her take up a new challenge!

Here are some concrete examples of activities you can do in Quebec:

How about touching reptiles at the exotarium?

Or, why not try the river toboggan, an activity that requires you to jump head on a small board.

A desire to dive, to jump from a cliff, to slide on natural toboggans? Canyoning is for you.

Or also, the classic thrill: the parachute jump.

In a slightly different perspective, visiting an abandoned city is a good way to overcome its fears, there are many to visit in Quebec.

Montreal offers you many opportunities to live an evening full of cries, laughter and joy.

Photo : Marion Brunel

4/ Extreme cocooning mission

On the other hand, bachelorette parties are very hectic in general, there is nothing wrong with spending a quiet evening with friends and being pampered a little.

Spoil the beloved bride with a spa atmosphere at home with lots of candles, subdued lighting and soft music.

Why not hire a masseuse to start the evening in relaxation mode, and take care of yourself. Then, make the inevitable beauty mask with natural and pure products like cocooning love, and muskinscare or also with super vegan and natural scrubs.

Photos: Muskinscare, Cocooning love, Ecoderma

Finally, end up looking a girly movie with lots of nice goodies to snack on. It’s the perfect time to enjoy and do whatever you want.

Although it is a very “simple” evening, it is in these that we spend the best moments and that we create the best memories.

Photo : Camille Styles

5/ An unforgettable day at DIY

Dream it Yourself offers you an unusual and memorable bachelorette party in its beautiful premises on the roof of Old Montreal.

On the program, creative workshops that will allow you to create your inviting gifts or even wedding decorations. A photo shoot in the streets of Old Montreal, to immortalize the moment in a splendid setting. All this around an aperitif or a good brunch.

What more can you ask for?

More information on our bachelorette package here.


Photos : Noamie Houle & Marion Brunel