Quebec wedding florists who inspire us!

Quebec wedding florists who inspire us!

Flowers occupy a very important place during a wedding! Dream It Yourself has selected Quebec wedding florists to organize your ceremony.

Nevertheless, we often forget small details like the second bouquet (at the launch, you need a smaller bouquet if you want to keep yours), the car decoration, the bouquets for the bridesmaids and witnesses, the buttonholes and lots of other small details. Our partners in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec can help you realize the wedding of your dreams!


Quebec wedding florists who inspire us:



Prune les fleurs will make you a unique bouquet in your image for the big day! In this boutique, you will also find workshops to create chic and organic arrangements. You will be able to let yourself be carried away by your creativity for two hours!

See Prune’s wedding portfolio

Picture : Cindy Boyce



At La Blandinerie, flowers are a reflection of nature! Stéphanie, the founder, by her past of photographer, excels in the balance of the forms and the harmony of the colors. For these reasons, his compositions illustrate happiness, which will be transmitted to your guests!

See La Blandinerie’s portfolio

La Blandinerie fleuristes de mariage québécois

Picture : La Blandinerie



Kyoto fleurs stands out among Quebec wedding florists for its wide variety of fresh flowers, house plants and decorative accessories! Each wedding is a unique moment: you have to be able to make it magical. With Kyoto flowers, the compositions follow the current trends while responding to the taste and style of each !

Kyoto Fleurs’ creations on Facebook

Picture : Gabrielle Desmarchais



Hellébore is above all a mixture of two passions: flowers and humans! There is something unique: “a relaxed and personal approach during my meetings with my clients in order to have a better feeling of their needs and desires” according to the designer. This shop mixes creations for your wedding and the pleasure to offer!

Hellébore’s creations on Facebook

Picture : Les mariages de Julia



Astilbe distinguishes itself from other boutiques by its local Canadian, seasonal or ethical trade products! This florist also offers floral creation workshops, for small groups, perfect to express your desires for D-day. Astible offers a complete service to support you!

See Astilbe’s wedding portfolio

Picture : Astilbe



Abeille‘s flowers create emotions during the wedding and make memories! Following meetings with great floral designers, the founder’s creations are characterized by a simple and natural beauty of flowers. Abeille’s compositions are art!

See Abeille’s portfolio

Picture : Lisa Renault Photography


Oxide is a workshop and a team of 3 girls located in Montreal specializing in floral creations, natural or artificial. Recognized for their attention to detail, their versatility and their touch of freshness. They are constantly on the lookout for new trends and looking for unusual ideas.

See Oxyde design’s wedding portfolio

Photo: Instagram Oxide design 


Maritsa Anastasia, a true art lover and after studying floral design, fell in love with weddings. Romantic at heart, this mother of two twins has made her childhood dream come true and lives out her passion through Oh Flowers!

See the “Ohfleurs” portfolio !

Photo : Les mariages de Julia



Annie Lord is an unusual concept, she is a floral artist and a woodsman. On the fringe of the world of florists and imported flowers, she proposes bouquets of wild flowers that surround us from these weekly gatherings. Annie Lord is Quebec’s eco-responsible ethical wild flower picking par excellence.

See the Annie LORD universe

Photo : Sarah Sagenais



Atelier CARMEL, est un spécialiste de la décoration florale à Montréal fait avec (beaucoup beaucoup) d’amour et se lance dans les projets les plus fous pour faire de votre journée, une journée incroyable. L’Atelier Carmel aime proposer des créations florales à l’image des mariés et des cérémonies puisque pour eux, le mariage est leur passion.

See the Atelier Carmel universe !


Photo: Lisa Renault



For Anaïs, nature does the thing well, so it’s obvious for her to make you dream on your wedding day with incredible floral creations. Anaïs’ philosophy is to offer you bouquets in your own image and in harmony with the atmosphere of your wedding by imagining creations that reflect the most beautiful flora. You will be enchanted by these magical creations for the D-day.

See Anaïs portfolio

Photo: Corbin Gurkin



She loves flowers, it’s a magical floral design studio. This studio proposes audacious creations and is pleased to work with plants that are cultivated in their fields to propose real works of art. And special mention for the special proposal of the dried flower workshops, very trendy at the moment.

See the d’Elle aime les fleurs portfolio !

Photo: Catherine Deslauriers



It is in the heart of Quebec City that the florist “Fleur d’Europe” is located, where each project has no limits. This florist offers these services for large banquets, weddings, events, engagements, etc… A service of excellence in the creation of bridal bouquets, centerpieces, etc… And it is the official florist of the Château de Frontenac.

See the the fleur d’Europe portfolio !

Photo: Catherine Lessard Photographe

14/ POLLEN !

In love with lovers, Pollen is the story of a 100% custom made event florist. Marie-Michelle where the wild flower tamer gathers the best of seasonal flowers to offer you natural bouquets, with asymmetrical shapes and a touch of vitamin. A touch of madness that always makes the difference.

Voir the Pollen universe ! 

Photo : Jay Zack Eli


Minimalism is the order of the day at Vertuose, distinguishing it from this list of Quebec wedding florists! This boutique specializing in decorations stands out with its deliberately refined creations, which are currently very trendy. With inspiration from the arts of fashion, architecture and design, your decorations will provoke emotion in your guests!

See the portfolio de Vertuose

Picture : Ness photography

We hope that this article on Quebec florists that inspire us may help you find the ideal partner for your wedding!

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